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Best PMS in India
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Best PMS in India

Portfolio Management SERVICES DETAILS

  • Speculate provides India's Best Portfolio Management Services(PMS) which gives best returns on monthly basis.
  • Our focus is on higher returns with safety of capital
  • We have different type of Portfolio Management Services as per your requirement and Capital.
  • We have PMS for F&O Segment, Equity Investment and Commodity as well
  • We create & manage your Portfolio with short term & long term returns using Fundamental Analysis and our Experience.
  • We Trade on behalf of you and we give you returns on Monthly/Quarterly basis.
  • Our PMS is fully transparent and neither we take your capital nor we force anyone to open new account.
  • Minimum requirement of capital to start PMS: Rs 2 Lac(Upto Rs 10 Crore)
  • Charges & Return (%) will be depends on investment amount.
  • FII Based Calls are available with Portfolio Management Service.
  • For Further details of our Past Track record of PMS, Kindly Contact Fund Manager on 9601155533.


  • Speculate is the only Indian PMS Services provider which gives full transparency while maintaining your Portfolio.
  • Speculate is giving highest returns on investment with monthly withdrawl facility and anywhere access of your account facility
  • In our view PMS stands for Profit Makers of Stock market and we are maintaining this statement from 2008.
  • Speculate Manages Portfolios of 28 countries Clients and we are giving best and on time returns.
  • Speculate is in a business with good economic characteristics and the company has a long term competitive advantage.
  • The management of the company is very competent and works genuinely in the Customer's Interest.
  • We not even maintain your Portfolio but also manage your wealth for best return on consistent basis.



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About Portfolio Management Services in India

  • Why you should choose Portfolio Management Service(PMS) over other investments?: Portfolio Management refers to the art of managing various financial products and assets to help an individual earn maximum revenues with minimum risks involved in the long run. Portfolio management helps an individual to decide where and how to invest his hard earned money for smarter returns in the Future.
  • How to choose a Best Portfolio Management company in India: There are many PMS providers in India like Private Banks, NBFCs, Limited companies and Pvt Ltd Companies. Each company has different pattern of fund management and everyone has different risk management team. Speculate is the only PMS Services provider in India which gives clients facility to track their account on daily basis and also freedom to manage their existing accounts. Moreover Clients can withdraw profit from their account monthly which is not possible anywhere else. Most important thing in Wealth Management is what returns you are getting and Speculate has given highest returns in PMS which is proven from our clients ledger statements. We manage, build and develop Best Portfolios with consistent growth and this is the reason why Speculate is on top list of India's Best Portfolio management service providers.
  • Which are the Best Portfolio Management Service(PMS) providers in India?: Portfolio Management Services are meant for those who want some great returns on their investment. Speculate is the best Portfolio Management Service provider in India and providing PMS services worldwide from 2008. We are leading wealth management company which provides great services in terms of Fund management. Best PMS Services requires High Quality services with protection of Capital. We believe in maximum returns with safety of Capital and Speculate is Best PMS Service provider in india. Our Risk Management team monitor every client's portfolio very sharply during market hours and after market analyze all the PMS accounts to provide smoother services. Genuine and Reliable PMS service available for all cities of India and other countries too. You can call Speculate as Best Portfolio Management Services Provider of India and you can fully trust on us.
  • What are the benifits of Speculate Portfolio Management Service(PMS)?: Speculate has team of best Fund managers in India which has great control in management of Portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long term performance while controlling risk. There will be always a dedicated relationship manager who will be in touch with you and provide you all the helps regarding your account. There will be full transparency in Fund management because we don't hide anything from you so your account details will be intact and you can monitor your account daily. Generally most of the companies deny for profit withdrawl monthly but we give flexibilty to withdraw your profit on monthly basis. Our Portfolio Management service(PMS) is free from lengthy administrative and paper works.
  • How can I start Portfolio Management Service(PMS) with Speculate?: You can start with your existing demat and trading account or you can open a fresh account to join our Portfolio Management service(PMS). Your account should be funded with minimum Rs 2 lac to start Portfolio Management service(PMS) with us. You can call on given numbers in case of any query regarding PMS.
  • Will Speculate help ms on my tax status?: We provide each client an audited tax statement of his portfolio annually. This can be used for calculating your tax liability and hence forth filing returns. However, we advice all our clients to consult their tax consultant before filing of their tax returns.
  • Is Speculate Portfolio Management Service(PMS) Best for HNIs?: Yes, Speculate PMS is best for HNI(High Networth Individuals) and NRIs because more capital gives faster and consistent profits. So HNIs and NRIs can go for our Wealth Management plans which start from Rs 2 lac capital. Our Portfolio Management service(PMS) is fully transparent and our strategy for Wealth Management is one of the best which gives higher returns to HNIs and gives consistent growth in capital. Presently We have HNI clients from all major cities and states of India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore(Bengaluru), Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Surat, Haryana, Goa, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, Kanpur, Bhubneshwar, Patna, Gurgaon, Agra, Varanasi, Allahbad, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Amritsar, Madurai, Ranchi, Noida, Jamshedpur, Gwalior, Dehradun, Shrinagar, Tamilnadu, Jaipur, Rajasthan and 28 countries around the world